Navigating the “New Normal” is hard.

Budget cuts, lack of training, and the stress of trying to do more with less makes it difficult to stay positive in a volatile environment. How do you and your team distinguish yourselves from the rest?

It's hard to feel like you have no idea what the future will bring.

You might be feeling unsure that you (and the world) are headed in the right direction.

Would you like something to focus on that you know will help you be more prepared? Something that will help you move in a direction with intention? The New Normal Formula is for you! This intensive program is designed to keep you rowing, not drifting.

In twelve weeks you'll receive:

12 modules (one per week)

12 module-specific videos (one per week)

Six one-hour group calls (every two weeks)

Three 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions

Master Mind Group of your peers

Membership in the High Ground Coaching and Development Book Club, which covers two books over the 12-week program—plus four one hour group calls to discuss big ideas and takeaways

If you're ready to invest additional time in yourself for the future of this "New Normal..." take advantage of the VIP Option:

All elements of the New Normal Formula coaching

Three 60 minute one-on-one intensive coaching calls

Complimentary copies of both books in the High Ground Coaching and Development Book Club


What's Included

New session


October 1

The New Normal Formula is available as a Keynote Address, a Keynote with Workshops, or a 12-Week Group Program! Contact for details.

Don't allow worry and lack of productivity to become routine.
Shift your mindset. Reap the rewards.
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