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April 3, 2020

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When Risk is Good

February 20, 2019

5 Questions to ask yourself before you step off the ledge.


Is now the right time to start a family? Should you invest your savings in that new start-up?  What about that Non-Profit you’ve always dreamed of?  Am I too old to make a career change?


These are all good questions – and all of them could be risky – when is it right, though?



The status quo, while not particularly fulfilling, can seem like an easier, less scary, option. Indeed, advances in brain imaging technology can verify that we human beings are wired to be risk averse. In other words, we find it much easier to settle with the status quo, keep our mouths closed and our heads down rather than make a change, take a chance,  or speak up in a courageous way.


Some people would say I am a risk taker.  I do try things that I am not sure I will be successful at.  Always have.  But, over the years of both succeeding and failing, I have found asking myself certain things can help guide the decisions around how much risk to take.


1.  Is my mind racing with potential ways to succeed? When I have a flood of ideas on how I can succeed, I know I'll be able to tap into them and keep going until I find a way


to make it work. It's when I see only one path to success that I know the risk is too great at the moment. (Except in rock climbing - there is usually only one way