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September 12, 2019



The nights are getting longer, the fields are moving from green to gold, and the kids are back to school.  Fall is a wonderful time of year!

As we reflect on our exciting, adventure filled summer, let's also look forward and plan to finish the year prosperous, healthy and happy.  Here are some ideas to inspire and motivate you to do just that.


At the end of this newsletter, there will also be an update on the Non-Profit - Connect 2 Women.  There is so much happening there as well - make sure you take a peek!


Avoiding Distraction


We all have them.  We all try to avoid them.  But, in this world of handheld technology and constant connection - how do you avoid them?

Here are two sources that will show you what these "multi-tasking" talents are really doing to your productivity and some simple things you can do to avoid the pitfalls of constant interruption.


Turning Procrastination Devil into an Angel


While we at HGCD truly believe in the Eat That Frog way of doing things, it is a fact that procrastination is something many of us - yes, even me - deal with.  Here are a couple different takes on procrastination.  

What do you think after you read and watch these two?  Feel free to comment on Facebook.


Health Tip 

And for those, like me, that like to workout - this is really interesting!  Listening to music has really taken a backseat in my house in favor of learning something new. I may have to change my mind!






Connect 2 Women Update

We have been very busy at C2W fulfilling our goal of reaching more women around the state.  Here are two things happening right now you and your organization can get involved in: