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This is has been a very exciting month here at High Ground Coaching and Development!  New adventures, new learnings, and new associations top the list of reasons to be grateful.  As you read through todays news, think about what you are grateful for, what brings a smile to your face, a question to your mind? 

I realized this month that there is no shortage of things to discover - even from familiar places.  There is bounty in unexpected places and for that I am grateful.


Revisiting Familiar Places


This month my husband and I took a trip to the area where I grew up.  I hadn't been there much since the mid-80's when I went west to college, as I was never really a city girl.  But, regardless, off we go to Chicago and other parts of the mid-west to visit family.  It was so interesting seeing the city from a new perspective. 

There are so many benefits to travel.  One of them in particular is seeing things from a new perspective.  Whether it be people, places or activities, traveling opens your mind to ideas and thoughts that may be lost by shelter in place. 

Something especially noticeable was that I never referred to Chicago as "home".  Because I grew up there, it isn't my home.  My home is where my husband and I are. 

Are you planning a trip soon?  Maybe over the holidays?  If not, think about it.  Even if it is just a drive up the road to a place you haven't been for awhile.  You never know what adventure awaits!