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May 12, 2020

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March Newsletter

March 6, 2020

Feels like Spring Fever is at an all time high!  Here in Central Wyoming we were snowed in on Tuesday and today it is 50 degrees!  There are some exciting things

coming up as we bring the first quarter to an end.  I'll get to some of these, but how are you ending Q1?  Let's think about that as you explore the March Newsletter.


Building Character


This year I am dedicating some of my energy to developing character traits I admire in others.  I have decided to focus on a few each quarter, hopefully making them habit at the end of that time.  This quarter, I am focusing on self-discipline, reliability and determination.  Whew!  This has been quite a learning experience.  I have had to come up with strategies that support my success in these areas and habits to support those strategies.  Honestly, if I can win in the self-discipline area, I think all the others will come naturally.

One of the ways I stay on track with this is I have a clear picture of what my life would look like in the future if I succeed. I also have a vision of what my life and business would look like if I am not successful.  I prefer the first option.

Here are some thought provoking questions for you to think about and talk about with you freinds and family:

- Is there a character trait you see in someone else that you admire and would like to emmulate? 

- What does this trait mean to yo - define it.

- What would you have to change in your daily life to introduce that into who you are on a regular basis?

- What would you have to STOP doing in your daily life to introduce that into who you are on a regular basis?


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