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I believe in jumping in with both feet, but not without a support system in place. Let me help you do both!

I’m all about taking chances. Sometimes, you must take chances and make mistakes in order to create something worthy—something authentic.

I'm all about passion. I'm done with settling for the mediocre option.

I'm all about connection. Success isn't defined by going it alone, but rather by learning, modeling, mentoring, and striving to connect with others.


I’ve been in the toxic, long-term relationship that was either going to kill all my dreams (possibly even me) and leave me unfulfilled.


I've woken up in the hospital room after cancer surgery alone, wondering “Why me?”


Safe. In a career that was good to me financially, but neither challenged me nor allowed me to inspire others to be their best. Safe?

Then, one day, a switch flipped inside me. I knew I had to do something or I was going to wake up 20 years from now and wonder where all the WONDER went.​


Working from there out, I have become more of the Me I’ve known. I shed what wasn’t serving me. I gave myself the freedom to take chances again and by doing that—by betting on ME—I have landed here.

I am passionate about living my life without apologies, while respecting other’s choices for how they chose to live and show up. I am passionate about helping others discover how it is they want to live, work, and be remembered. I am passionate that through our values and character, we make these decisions and cannot help but align with others that share in these.

So, if you are ready to create the life you’ve always KNOWN is out there for you, if you are ready to take your team to the heights YOU KNOW they can soar, if you are ready to win that election by showing up as YOURSELF, then get in touch with me today and let’s go for it.


I launched High Ground Coaching and Development in 2017 with the goal of helping you realize your authentic goals. That's what High Ground Coaching and Development is here for—to help you, your team, your organization, your campaign—realize that being authentic may be a risk, but a necessary risk if you want to achieve a worthy goal.

After years of mentoring in a 25+ year career that spans sales, sales management, political work, and both nonprofit and for-profit fundraising, I made the choice to finalize my coaching certification so I could help more people in more places achieve their true purpose.

The world might never be "normal" again.  


That just means we have the opportunity to create something entirely new. Exciting, right? Let's jump in.

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