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I believe in jumping in with both feet, but not without a support system in place. Let me help you do both!


Kate spent years training and inspiring teams for others until hopping on the entrepreneurial roller coaster in 2017 when she began to inspire others through one-on-one coaching, facilitation, and speaking with High Ground Coaching and Development.


A long-time student of time management, success practices and leadership, she brings decades of research, trials and errors, and consistent studies of new, cutting-edge success techniques to her clients, workshops, and writing. Her clients and audiences benefit from Kate's experience because they can cut to the chase and successfully incorporate what strategies actually work into their lives and work!

Additionally, Kate is an inspiring keynote speaker. She has addressed thousands of people over the course of her journey, facilitated breakout sessions across the country, and has devoted her career to helping others live an extraordinary life.  

She is driven to inspire leaders to create leaders through curated training, workshops, keynote addresses, and writing.


She is the founder of the nonprofit Connect2Women, whose vision is uniting women to celebrate, inspire and be inspired, and mentor others to become exceptional leaders for their current and future communities. Connect2Women accomplishes this through thoughtfully developed workshops, events, and the Impact! Mentor Program.

Kate is a certified life coach and has trained with Tony Robbins, Darren Daily, Dean Graziozi, Jack Canfield, and many others. She lives her own extraordinary life in central Wyoming with her husband and menagerie of animals. 

Are you searching for an inspiring leadership speaker to spark excitement and results in your organization? Visit Kate's Keynotes + Workshops page to learn more and find the perfect fit for your needs, or give her a call to create something unique customized for your organization. 

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