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Next Gen Leadership Program


Are you working within a hybrid team? Is your organization wondering how to create leaders that are ready to take on the challenges of this “new reality”? Do you want to inspire those around you to bring their best every day?

During this entertaining presentation, Kate will lead your attendees through six key attributes of Next Gen Leadership. Discover what key attributes a leader needs to display, what to look for in potential hires, and how to onboard them. Once your new hires are on board, you'll learn how to inspire and build them up so they can achieve the potential you see in them and be the productive, innovative team that will take your organization to the next level.

Foundational Workshops
These workshops offer a foundation for which to build on. They are a great way to begin the journey of building a team ready for the future.


Understanding the Workforce: A Study of Five Generations

A study in five generations in the current workforce. We will look at the background, habits, and thought processes of all as well as dissect what it takes to lead each one. Exercises will encourage you to learn more about those around you and help you develop an open mind around so you can lead all with confidence.

Emotional Intelligence in Yourself and Others

In today’s dynamic and diverse workplace, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) will help you make a true impact on those you lead. Learn to become from the inside and out. Then, learn keys to engaging your team: getting talented people to work together as a solid, high-capacity team.


While both a skill and an art, communication can also be the biggest challenge within a team or organization. This workshop will help you grow your skill as a communicator by creating a deeper understanding of what it is, how it works, and the biggest obstacles to strong communication. Included are keys that, when applied, will raise communication skill (and your leadership abilities) to a whole new level.

Main Program

Lead by Example

This may be the most violated principle in Leadership. How can you become the leader that makes your actions your instructions? This module will walk you through exercises where you can discover not only how you are presenting, but how to morph that into the leader you CAN be.

Building Confidence in Yourself and Your Team

What do people LOOK FOR in their leaders? What is the most attractive quality in a leader? This module will help you understand it and grow the quality in yourself and your team. Walk away with strategies that can transform you and your team—quickly! This module is two hours in length and can be completed in one or two sessions.

Inspiring Hope and Mobilizing Others

Put all your new-found knowledge together to inspire and empower others. Learn how to praise and recognize those you lead so they blossom! These are the skills you will need to help keep that “A” Team!

Navigating Tough Conversations

One of the most difficult, but important aspects of being a leader: the art of navigating tough conversations. These are the crucial, highly emotional moments that can shape your career, life, and those you lead. Learn practical strategies to navigate these moments for success.

Advanced Coaching

All conversations do not have to be touch. Some can be coaching conversations meant to provide feedback, encourage behaviors, and provide new skills. But there is an art to delivering this feedback in a way that celebrates it, rather than dreads it. After this workshop, you will be able to provide honest, clear, actionable feedback that enables that person to move closer to the leader she aspires to be.


Strengthening Your Character Triad

Courage, audacity, and integrity: this is your character triad. In this highly interactive and reflective session, come to understand these three virtues and fortify them like never before. The power you will gain from this insight has the strength to move the needle.

Succession Planning

Are you inspiring leaders to create leaders? Then you need a solid succession plan. You want to encourage growth and movement within your organization, so leaders must be consistently working with up and coming leaders to step into the next position. How do you do this? You will gain insight, skills, and build upon what you've already learned to generate your succession plan.


Action, Not Philosophy This is the workshop where the action is! Without focus, systems, and routines, all the character building and motivation comes to a halt. While seemingly confining, learn how these three things can set your leadership—and your team—free, all while seeing your success and productivity skyrocket!

Final Session

In the final NextGen Leadership session, we'll put it all together make sure it works for you!

It's time for Next Gen Leadership.
Shift your mindset. Reap the rewards.
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