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Time is Money!

You will start to be the boss of your time after the first session! This 90-Day Program is designated to give you the skills and mindset that will allow you to be FIERCE with your time, schedule and getting things done!

Time is Money!
Time is Money!

Time & Location

Time is TBD


About The Event

You will receive a detailed Questionnaire before we begin so the hours are spent focusing on your needs as a business owner.  After the first session you will have a clearer path to reach your goals, getting everything done that you have already committed to, while understanding the process to also create time for yourself - YES! - time for yourself!  What are your roadblocks?  What regularly distracts you and throws you off course?  What are you making time for that you don't need to be and what do you need to add?  All of these questions and more will be addressed this first session.

Finally, you will realize that you CAN meet all your commitments as a business owner AND reach your goals!  

The Time is Money Package also provides the support you crave.  You don't just create you a plan. You get tools and consistent meetings to re-evaluate how your new plan is working, tweaking where we need to so that you see the maximum return for your investment.  Which, as a business owner, is SO important!

Then, for the following months, you receive consistent follow up sessions that will not only maintain the forward movement, assist you with any fine-tuning needed as well as handling any objections you will experience due to your new FIERCENESS! 

Yes, your new success and speed of application will take others by surprise!  

Plus, to add one more level of accountability, you will have a weekly check in to review your successes, opportunities and new changes you are implementing.

This comprehensive program is perfect for any business owner or self-starter wanting to achieve more, reach their goals and make owning a business fun while giving you the freedom you desire!

This 12 session plan includes 10/60 minute sessions and 2/90 min sessions to use at your discresion. 


  • Productivty Powerhouse Package

    Upon registration, you will receive you Questionnaire. Return this within the following few days to get going ASAP! Once returned, your first session will be scheduled.




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