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Live Your Purpose

Don't let fear and routine rule your life. It's so easy to work day in, day out, allowing your own dreams to be pushed aside while knowing you could accomplish so much more. You can meet this moment, all while exceeding your expectations for the future.

Inividual coaching with High Ground Coaching and Development does not rely on a "one size fits all" approach, but rather a tailored plan that meets you wherever you are and progresses from there. $2,000 is an investment in your future, but the long-term value of that investment far exceeds the price tag. In addition to 15 hours of individual coaching, here is what to expect:

A customized plan that allows for intensive "deep dives" at pivotal points in the journey, where you'll spend more time on areas that will get the the results you desire, faster

Exercises created to provoke thought in between scheduled sessions, so you can learn to recognize patterns and evolving needs

Carefully curated supplementary reading material suggestions to provide further study and deeper, more meaningful growth

Guidance in making changes to your plan throughout the course, maximizing the opportunity to live your purpose and achieve your goals

MP3 versions of all coaching sessions to allow further reflection and insight, any time

A renewed sense of purpose, focus, and confidence

Don't fall back into old habits, deferred dreams, and settling for less.
Live your potential. Live your purpose.
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