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Character-Based Leadership

Character-based leadership is the key to navigating the New Normal world! Best done with leadership in one group and employees in another group, allowing for more transparency and growth. Each group's session is 90 minutes, with one team building exercise between; plan for a total of four hours. It is a great start to a yearlong program and can be split into quarterly trainings or half day.


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Productivity for the New Century

Did you know that only 8% of people who set goals actually achieve them? This workshop reveals the secrets of the über-successful. This is also a great tool for teams that would like to move forward together. You will walk away with actionable changes you can implement TODAY to start being more productive in a sustainable and satisfying way. No more hustle here. We start with creating END goals, (either team goals or individual goals) and move to working through obstacles, implementation, evaluation, and redirection. We end with setting up accountability, both self and partnered to instill lasting positive momentum. 


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From Sabotage to Success

Are you sabotaging your success and communication? Learn how communicating with intention can propel you forward. This workshop starts with interactive learning, discussing the communication mishaps that strike when we are faced with fear, uncertainty, and panic. Learn habits to avoid and new skills to help turn the panic into focus. Then, delve into how setting your intention before you start to communicate—with yourself and others —will propel you forward and set you up for success!


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Overcoming the Fear

of Public Speaking

Some people fear public speaking more than death itself. Don’t be that person!  Through this workshop, you will start with the basics of an elevator speech, to extemporaneous speaking, and end with giving an address. There will be valuable exercises that help you with creation and delivery, leaving you ready for that next networking event or proposal pitch. 



The Multi-generational Workforce

Successful communication in a multi-generational workforce isn't always a given. This workshop leads people through the best strategies organizations to navigate the turbulent waters of having as many as five different generations in the workplace—a unique situation! Best practices are drawn from real-world data compiled by interviewing organizations to learn best practices and less-than-best practices that didn’t have the intended results. This can be an engaging way to promote teamwork and inclusivity between a diverse team.


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Build a Custom Workshop Just for You!

Kate Debow Hayes and High Ground Coaching and Development can build a custom workshop tailored specifically to the needs of your organization, no matter the size! Whether a socially-distanced in-person session or an engaging (no, really!) delivery over Zoom, the perfect combination is only a phone call away. Contact High Ground today to build a custom plan!


High Ground Coaching and Development inspires teams to succeed.
Let's tackle this new century together.
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