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Political Leaders Program

There are over 500,000 elected officials in the United States. 500,000+ dreams of service to community. 500,000+ decisions to take that first step. 500,000+ reasons why. Is it time to join them? This unique coaching program prepares you to run a focused, organized campaign at any level of elected office with confidence and integrity. Now is the time to make a difference.

Running for office takes COURAGE, especially if you're not from what we now know to be the "Political Class."  The Political Leaders coaching package is designed to support those called to run for elected office as they work through challenging issues that will surface during these extremely polarized times. Customized one-on-one coaching prepares candidates for the unique challenges a campaign presents; it does not provide polling, specific political strategies, or long-term campaign management. Whether you're a first-time candidate, considering another office, or running again after a defeat, you'll develop a plan that sets you up for success with experienced guidance every step of the way.

A customized coaching plan that provides you a non-partisan, agenda-free, safe environment to develop your political leadership goals that reflect your character so your constituency knows WHO the person is they're placing their trust in, not just WHAT they believe in.

A thorough exploration of the basics of running for office to ensure you're starting out with the right amount of consideration of a host of challenges including creating your value based vision so that you are well versed on creating a team that will support this vision

A deep dive into the political environment in which you will run so you'll be prepared for opposing views and ready to take part in civil, intelligent debate and handle opposing viewpoints with integrity

Guidance and development of your speaking style so you're comfortable in front of groups with both prepared or extemporaneous remarks

Assistance after an election—whether holding office or assessing a loss—to maximize your agenda, vision, and plan for future success

All communities need qualified, intelligent candidates more than ever.
Why not you? Why not now?
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