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Next Gen Leadership Program for Individuals

Seven thought provoking weeks that will have you leading yourself to the next Gen leader you want to be.

Next Gen Leadership Program for Individuals
Next Gen Leadership Program for Individuals

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Online Event

About The Event

Kate Debow Hayes and High Ground Coaching and Development are proud to present updated material to help  shape the Next Gen Leader within YOU. 

These modules are delivered as standalone workshops, a series of your choice of three or the entire six modules  delivered over the course of six weeks. Plus a VIP and Bonus Module options! 

Next Gen Leadership modules are delivered virtually, so they  can easily fit into any schedule—and they are available for individuals or entire organizations (see Group Coaching page for more information)! There is even an option  to exponentially increase the learning with one-on-one coaching calls that will offer you an opportunity to discuss  take-aways, challenges, and big wins as well as brainstorm ways to implement change. 

Next Generation Leadership includes the following modules:  

Understanding the Workforce: A Study of Five Generations A study of five generations in the current workforce. We will look at the background, habits, thought processes of all,  as well as dissect what it takes to lead each one. Exercises will encourage you to learn more about those around you  and help you develop an open mind around so you can lead all with confidence. 

Leadership Style Quality  What do people LOOK FOR in their leaders? What is the most attractive quality in a leader? This module will help  you understand it and grow the quality in yourself. Connecting With Those You Lead  What do people WANT most from their leaders? When you start demonstrating this, you will begin to grow your  ability to connect and influence others. Through these exercises you will become a leader people will love to follow! 

Emotional Intelligence in Yourself  In today’s dynamic and diverse workplace, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) will help you make a true impact on those  you lead. Learn to become from the inside, out. 

Emotional Intelligence in Others  Now that you can lead yourself, lead others by learning to become emotionally intelligent about others. In this  module you will learn keys to engaging your team—getting talented people to work together as a solid, highcapacity team. 

The Power to Lead  Put all your newfound knowledge together to inspire and empower others. Learn how to praise and recognize those  you lead so they blossom! These are the skills you will need to help keep that “A” Team! 

Bonus Module: Navigating Tough Conversations  One of the most difficult, but important aspects of being a leader: the art of navigating tough conversations. These  are the crucial, highly emotional moments that can shape your career, life, and those you lead.


  • VIP Option

    Includes all 7 powerful modules, plus 3 one hour, one on one coaching sessions to go deeper into the content and make realistic, implementable changes!

  • Choice of Six Modules

    This options allows you to choose which 6 modules will make the most impact in your success.

  • Choice of Three Modules

    This options allows you to choose which 3 modules will make the most impact in your success.




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