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Crush it!

Newsletter, October, Week 4

What would you say if I promised you success in all you do? What would you do with all that extra money you make with that new promotion? How would you feel driving around in that new car? How does pulling that new camper behind your truck make you feel (ok, that one was just for me...).

I am here today to tell you that whatever it is that you are trying to achieve, you can achieve it! It will require but three things - three things that I have found in the end, determine your success. These are:

- Accountability

- Commitment

- Acting in the Moment

These three concepts deal with your thinking - how you think about not only your goal, but the actions it will take to reach them. There are disciplines that come into play that are more about action, but for now, I'd like to focus on these three concepts as they are the basis for your success.

Who's With Me?

Let's start with Accountability!


First and foremost, accountability starts with the understanding that we all have freedom of choice - free will. Accountability is ownership. It does not allow success to be limited by outside circumstances, people or events. There are no victims. Accountability isn't concerned with placing fault or blame, but rather what it will take to have better results.

By assuming accountability you take power from unfavorable circumstances and uncooperative people - they cannot prohibit you from reaching your goal! Isn't it time you stop making excuses and letting things, people and circumstances get between you and the life you always dreamed of? Don't give away your power - don't let excuses get in the way of you achieving your goals!


Yes, commitments can be our downfall - too many, not enough time. But here I am talking about the Commitment as a personal promise that you make to yourself. While keeping commitments to others will build your relationships, keeping promises to yourself build your muscles of self-esteem, character - and success.

Commitment and Accountability feed off each other. Commitment is your accountability moving into the future. It allows you to build on your capacity to follow through on the actions needed to get you closer to your goals. It allows you to realize breakthroughs that without commitment, you would never achieve.

Acting in the Moment

Success is not achieved when the result is reached, rather before that - when you decide to take action and do what is necessary to take that next step. The success is a result of these continued actions.

I often think of Olympic Athletes here. They didn't win the medal in an instant - they didn't just decide they would, sitting on the sofa, visualizing themselves on the medal stand. Rather they chose, moment by moment, to take the actions necessary to move them closer and closer with each practice, with each workout, that they would reach the medal stand.

Their success is a confirmation they made these choices, they held themselves accountable, were committed to the outcome, and acted in the moment - time after time, day after day, month after month, year after year...

By using these three concepts as you set your goals, plan your strategies and tactics, to how you will achieve them, you will certainly experience success! If you would like to learn more about how to start forming these strategies and tactics, please register for my free webinar. The 30 minute webinar will discuss creating your plan. How do you break down the Big Goal/Vision into smaller, actionable steps. It airs Thursday, November 1st, 6pm.

In this interactive webinar we will tackle:

  • Is planning really beneficial?

  • One GAME CHANGER that will take you from WISHING to EXPERIENCING

  • What is an effective plan structure?

  • How to successfully live up to this plan and keep it alive

Interested in getting ready to CRUSH Your Goals? Join us for the Be the 8% Webinar Series!

Register Here - remember, it is FREE!

If you registered for last week's webinar, you still need to register for the Nov. 1st webinar.

Last week we discussed Creating Your Powerful Vision, which is the first step. When the series is complete, replays will be available through High Ground Coaching and Development.

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