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Mentors Needed

Recently I was asked to speak about mentoring to a Leadership Group in Cheyenne. It was such a great opportunity for me to really consider mentoring and what it not only has done for me, but what is really at the core of mentoring. I realized that there are many different roles that mentors have played in my life - each extremely important in my personal and professional development.

As you read through, think about your experiences and where the gaps are - or where can you fill the gap for another.

The Master

Whether you desire to be the best realtor, sales manager or insurance agent - maybe you'd

like to have the most productive year to date - there is someone that has achieved mastery in this area. This is the person that has reached the pinnacle of what you consider success. They can help you hone your strengths, overcome your shortcomings and have experience in getting to where you want to go.

The Champion

This person will be your best advocate. They will talk you up to others - it is really important to have one of these in your corner. They are always at your back - they are great connectors, introducing you to useful people in and out of your industry.

The Copilot

Your copilot is generally a peer - not necessarily in your same industry or even city. These peer mentors have similar goals and aspirations and face similar challenges. These relationships thrive in a one on one situation or in group settings. The relationships are committed to supporting each other, collaborating with each other and they hold each other accountable. When you have this copilot, your level of engagement improves as well as the quality of your work.

The Anchor

This mentor, often a paid coach or advisor is there to support your achievements of a specific career or personal goal. It is a confidential relationship that helps you through speed bumps and through uncertainty. They provide a lift when you need It and help you break through challenges. Your success and improvement are their number one priority, so when they see you getting off track it is their obligation to confront the issue and help you find a solution. Anchors can be particularly insightful when it comes to setting priorities, achieving work-life balance, goal strategizing - all while not losing sight of your values.

As you can see, each one holds a different place in your growth. Some people may fit one role, others another. But, each one has great value in your personal and professional growth.

Finally, there is The Reciprocal Mentor

This is one of those magical things that can happen in a professional relationship when the mentor becomes the mentee. When you become The Master, or The Champion. Because we all have gifts, strengths and something to offer. One day you may be learning the ins and outs of a successful open house from your mentor and they turn to you and say, "I have no idea how Instagram can help promote this open house." and BAM! You got this!

I encourage all of you to be consistently on the lookout for mentors and how you can be a

mentor. The relationships you can build, the value it can bring to you as a person and as a professional are limitless. It can be a life long exercise in giving, receiving and growing.

If you would like to be involved in the Impact! Mentor Group or learn more about private, one on one coaching, contact us here. The next group program begins in October, 2019. Also make sure you attend the Connect 2 Women Conference in Cheyenne this May to possibly meet you new Mentor or Mentee! More information coming next week on this!

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