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September Newsletter

Finally, we are moving into the fall of what many may think has been a year full of as many roadblocks and barriers to progress as the previous year. However, moving into September, I'm feeling a sense of refreshment - a sense of focus and clarity.

Many of you have children that are back to school. For some of you, September may mark the end of summer vacations, leisure time spent with friends and family. For me, it also marks a major event my non profit hosts every year (more on that below). But it also marks time I am taking just for myself to celebrate a well done event, hopefully, and really consider "what's next?".

Here are some things I ask myself

that you may want to incorporate this month:

  • What hikes can we get in before winter gets a grip on us?

  • What have I done that I am really proud of?

  • What could I have done better?

  • What did I learn? What do I want to learn?

  • What did I do to make myself feel good?

  • What distracted me?

  • What did NOT happen and why?

  • What actions can I take to improve?

  • Who inspired me?

  • How can I incorporate what I've learned from these questions to make the next month better?

The first question on this list is not one I usually ask at the end of the month, but realizing that October is right around the corner made me!

Ask yourself these questions at the end of every moth and watch as your productivity and accomplishments increase as your "to do list" decrease.

Here's some food for thought:

Want to keep going strong all through the day? Tired of those afternoon slumps? Check out how to make those good lunch choices and how that can boost your productivity here! (Source: Ignite80)

Five Simple Words

Want to open doors previously shut? Looking to improve the perception others have of you, and make the people you admire feel valued? Answer: Asking for advice. Here’s how to do it intelligently. (Source: Entrepreneur)

Mostly, I am so grateful people are meeting and training again in person!

Having said that, the reality of virtual training is here to stay and HGCD is up to that challenge!

Launching in October is a new program that can be delivered virtually or live. It can be delivered to individuals or an entire organization. Next Gen Leadership is truly the next gen training program, built to suit the needs of todays workforce!

Keep an eye out for announcements of the launch and get in on the ground floor!

Connect 2 Women Conference is here!

The stage is set for some amazing Wyoming Women to connect for two days of inspiration, engagement and impact!

Registration ends Friday, so don't hesitate!

See the full agenda here.


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