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January Newsletter

As we celebrate the New Year and look forward to what may come, there is always a bit of nostalgia.

Looking back on the years' trips, visits, accomplishments is a valuable exercise in planning for the coming year.

"What were my 10 greatest achievements?", "Where did the year go?", "What more could I have done?" etc.

Be Grateful

One of the best end of year reflections I believe we can do is "What am I grateful for?" We all have something to be thankful for. Are you willing to try?

Find a great gratitude worksheet; I use the following assessment from Darren Hardy.

Download PDF • 49KB

For You and Your Team

Looking for a great way to boost your or your team's productivity and leadership in 2022?

High Ground Coaching has a great new program - and we are having some complimentary introduction webinars!

You can become a leader for the 21st Century!

HGCD Introduces a Program that has you covered!

Using cutting edge content, the Next Gen Leadership Program focuses on what will set your

organization or you as an individual apart

from the crowd by giving you the advantage! Plus, we deliver the content in a way that works for you!

Would you like in person trainings? CHECK!

Would you like virtual recordings available on demand? CHECK!

How about a Key-Note address with workshops for your next retreat/conference? CHECK!

There are even more delivery options available, just let HGCD know what your needs are, and we will help you stay in front during these ever-changing times.

Plus! In the coming months, we will be offering some content for free! Yes, you can register now for the upcoming sessions in January here. Then, continue to watch your email for notification of more sessions!

What's New at Connect2Women

We are thrilled to welcome 5 new board members! If you see them out and about, please thank them for getting involved!

Tammy Brown, Cheyenne

Debbie Pummel, Casper

Ercella Stevenson, Cheyenne

Maddison Todrzak, Cheyenne

Victoria Ziton, Casper

They, along with our returning board members, Jayden Burton, Natalie Collins and Karen Pacheco will guide Connect2Women in brining you the freshest content for C2W 2022!

What else has caught our eye?

In this piece for the Harvard Business Review, discover how high-performing teams have navigated the pandemic. As it turns out, one thing they do especially well is foster close connections among colleagues, even when they’re working apart. Here are five specific behaviors that empower high-performing teams to spark genuine connections in a remote world. (Source: Harvard Business Review)

Thinking about moving in search of better weather? Read this article first. The benefits to your happiness might not outweigh the costs. (Source: The Atlantic)

Hope you have enjoyed this Newsletter!

If you have comments or questions, feel free to reach out to me at


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