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November Newsletter

How did we get to November already? It seems we were just welcoming in 2021 with a sigh of relief - 2020 was finally behind us!

However, while some of our dreams of gathering together again, seeing loved ones and visiting our sick in hospitals started to come to fruition, we also saw many jobs, careers and opportunities fade away. Today, we stand at a precipice of high unemployment, high inflation and some of the lowest numbers of Americans believing our country is headed in the right direction.

What can you do to turn your business, organization or career into a shining light during these dark predictors? How can you find success and stay in front of the changing economic times? How can you make the changes in your workforce or your personal skills necessary to find success in the coming years?

You can become a leader for the 21st Century!

Check out the 16 Latest Employment Trends to see what will make a difference in 2021 and beyond. How do you make these trends work for you?

HGCD Introduces a Program that has you covered!

Using cutting edge content, the Next Gen Leadership Program focuses on what will set your

organization or you as an individual apart

from the crowd by giving you the advantage! Plus, we deliver the content in a way that works for you!

Would you like in person trainings? CHECK!

Would you like virtual recordings available on demand? CHECK!

How about a Key-Note address with workshops for your next retreat/conference? CHECK!

There are even more delivery options available, just let HGCD know what your needs are, and we will help you stay in front during these ever-changing times.

What's New at Connect2Women

The Connections Keep Coming!

If you or those women on your team are interested in more growth and connection, check out Connect2Women's Impact!Mentor Group - registration is open now through November 15th! Over the course of 5 months, explore modules, videos, live calls and private mentor meetings.

Learn more here.

What else has caught our eye?

Free Webinar! Offered by Wyoming Women's Business Center - 7 Options to Access Money for Your Small Business November 16th at 12 PM . Check out all their free trainings here.

Mortensen discusses three examples on how the pandemic has changed the way we do business and make decisions.

Hope you have enjoyed this Newsletter!

If you have comments or questions, feel free to reach out to me at


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