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October Newsletter

High Ground Coaching and Development is happy to report we have had another successful Connect2Women Conference! Over 150 women from around the state gathered for personal and professional development for 2 days, September 14/15th.

If you would like to see who spoke and get a peak into the types of workshops conducted over the 2 days, check out the website. We also received a record number of survey responses! Here is what some had to say:

"I enjoyed being able to meet all sorts of different women. The variety of the speakers was incredible, and I was able to learn so much from everyone. I was able to connect with so many different people that I will stay in contact with. I cannot wait to go next time!"

"I loved Re-connecting with friends I had not seen in years and listening and learning about other leadership styles and diversity."

"The diversity and relevance of the content was fantastic!"

"Learning that I am not the only that feels a certain way and others outside the place I work feel the same way. This was a "real" conference and was super helpful."

The Connections Keep Coming!

If you or those women on your team are interested in more growth and connection, check out Connect2Women's Impact!Mentor Group - registration is open now through November 15th! Learn more here.

New Content from High Ground Coaching and Development

High Ground Coaching and Development is proud to present updated material to help shape the Next Generation Leader within YOUR organization.

Seven uniquely crafted modules are delivered as standalone workshops, a set of your choice of three or the entire series. Next Generation Leadership modules are delivered virtually or live, so they can easily fit into any schedule—and they are available for individuals or entire organizations! There is even an option to exponentially increase the learning with one-on-one coaching calls that will offer you an opportunity to discuss take-aways, challenges, and big wins as well as brainstorm ways to implement change. Learn more about Next Generation Leadership.

What else has caught our eye?

A recent survey found that over one third of American workers are looking for a new job. And sometimes, that’s the right decision. But in other cases, the solution to finding happiness may not involve quitting. Here are some points to consider before you leave the job you have. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

A simple key to achieving healthy work-life balance: Only deal with work-related tasks when you can give them your full attention. Otherwise, you’re just feeding your brain distractions to worry about. An interesting take on this much discussed topic. (Source: Science)

Hope you have enjoyed this Newsletter!

If you have comments or questions, feel free to reach out to me at


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