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Win, Win!

3 Ways Mentoring Benefits everyone involved

Mentoring can be an experience that will change your life and career. Whether it is done within an organization or happens organically, it is a win, win for all involved. Here are some ways I have benefited from having and being a mentor over the years.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Imagine the value of a young professional that knows how to give and receive feedback well…. can you? Well, a mentorship can add this skill to a resume that is somewhat limited on actual on-the- job experience. How?

A mentorship is a two-way street when it comes to honest feedback. A mentor will deliver feedback consistently if it is taken with the grace and the desire to improve. Delivering quality feedback may even be a skill the mentor themselves need to consistently work on. While developing the mentor/mentee relationship, both parties can improve their skills in this area by openly communicating what they are learning and how they are growing thanks to this relationship.

Exchange of Ideas

The mentor/mentee relationship usually exists between people of different generations. This is a generalization, but is more the case than not. Therefore, the young, fresh faces entry-level provides a new outlook on something the mid-level mentor looks at every day. The seasoned mid-level listens and shares advice and stories on how to navigate the organizational maze.

Just as important, is the exchanging of ideas between people that are not in the same organization. Personally, having a mentor that was outside of my organization was actually a great sounding board for me when I had new ideas and options for doing things differently. He wasn’t ensconced in the “we’ve tried that before” mentality that often bogs groups down.

Leadership Lessons

There are always lessons to be learned from a mentor that is willing to advise, strategize and help implement their mentee through the chasm of an organization. When to ask for more responsibility, when to ask for help and how to go after that next promotion. Chances are they have already navigated those waters and have insights as to what worked for them and how to morph ideas so they fit the mentees personality


While the mentor is often seen as the leader, the mentee has a wealth of information to share when it comes to how to lead a new generation. The mentee has insights on how their generation think, work and respond to incentives. This valuable information can actually help the mentor better lead his diverse team and promote himself within an organization.

Most importantly, you have to ask to be mentored – no matter where you

are on the walk of life. The experience could lead you to endless opportunities and connections. The mentor may look at it as a way to leave a legacy or simply share what they know. Chances are, whether you are an entry level professional assistant, or a CEO, there is someone that is willing to enter into a WIN WIN mentorship relationship with you!

All you have to do is ask.

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