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August Newsletter

Dog Days of Summer are Here~

Not Feeling Productive?

You're not alone!

Did you know "they" have been talking about the Dog Days of Summer since the Ancient Greeks noticed the increased heat during 40 days of summer in which the dog star - Sirius - rose and set with the sun. You can read more about that on the History .

However, there is really more to it. The "DDoS" is actually a phenomenon measured over decades - the financial industry actually coined the phrase "Financial Doldrums" that marked a period of low volume and performance.

American Express' Open Forum published these stunning results during the month of August:

- 20% Decline in Productivity

- 19% Drop in Employee Attendance

- 2.6% Longer Lunch Hours

- 13% Time Increase for Project Completion

- 200% Increase in Online Shopping

- 120% Increase of Employees Looking for another Job


So, what can we do about it? One thing we can do is take a vacation! Yes, recharging when you are feeling like adding yourself to any of the stats above will allow you to recharge and return to your work energized. Just like when you are working out in the gym, you need your rest days to return stronger - your mind needs that rest too.

Did you know that last year 169 Million hours of vacation went unused? How many do you have? How about your employees? Notice anyone in your organization building up an inordinate amount? Encourage them to use them!


I published this link last year, but it seems to still apply! I've noticed that we were all looking forward to 2020 being over - but the news sure hasn't let us feel much better! Anyone else notice this? We’re living in a world with a bottomless supply of frightening, discouraging headlines. This article offers a helpful reminder that spending too much time “Doomscrolling” can rob us of our level-headedness at a time when we need it most. The key is to be informed — not obsessed.

Where has Kate been?

Calamity Jane

Honestly, this has been a summer of dreams coming true for me! I am so happy to report that you haven't heard much from High Ground Coaching and Development lately because I've been busy living an amazing life!

After a whole life of wanting horses in my backyard - it came true! We adopted two horses and are boarding another! So, if you are trying to get ahold of me before 9am - I'm outside living my best life!

Thank you for letting me share!!

What We Have Coming Your Way in September

So much is happening! Where to begin.....

Let's start with - are you getting this newsletter in your inbox? No?

Because if you do, you will be notified of all the opportunities! Like...

High Ground Coaching and Development New 6-Week Series!

Leadership for the 21st Century

Keep your eyes out for this new series starting in September that will feature videos, live video calls, modules and one on one coaching options!

Finally, I know you are all waiting to hear about the 2021 Connect 2 Women Conference,


Connect 2 Women Conference

September 14/15 - The Blue Community Events Center at Blue World Headquarters in Cheyenne!

Yes, two days of personal and professional development like nothing you have experiences before! If you haven't been - come! If you've been to C2W in the past - rejoin this great community of women from around the state to connect, inspire, impact each other in ways that cannot be reproduced via webinars or virtual meetings!

What is included in this year's Connect 2 Women Conference? Check out our Big Reveal here! More speakers and workshops continue to be announced, so check back often!

Can you only attend one day? No problem, we have one day passes! Want to bring or send a group? We are offering 20% off purchases of 3 or more tickets! Want to make a bigger impact? Check out our Mentor Ticket and bring a woman from the UW Women in Business group as your guest and make a lasting impression on a current UW College of Business student!

A huge THANK YOU to Stitches Acute Care (Platinum Sponsor) and Blue FCU (Venue Sponsor) - without you and all the other sponsors, we could not make this a reality. Our community is coming together because of you - THANK YOU!

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I hope you have enjoyed this Newsletter. If you did, feel free to share and let me know what you liked. If you didn't - let me know that too!

"Advise for anybody - enjoy what you are doing, enjoy the process of learning and don't be impatient. "

- -Robin Cousins


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