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Goal Setting is for Amateurs!

As January passes, all the goals are set, written down and posted. Are you going to be among the 8% that are consistent and reach your goals? Or, do you almost expect yourself to press forward until about March? At which time you will no longer focus on doing those small new habits everyday that will lead you to your aspirations.

If you would like to be among the 8%, click the link below to read on ...

Goal Achieving is for Winners!

Congratulations! You are already among the 25% that are interested in continuous learning!

That is a great first step in achieving your goals.

I am going to share with you my system for achieving goals. This is completely personal, and I don’t share this with many people. Some of my clients that have worked with me on goal setting/achieving and my personal Master Mind Partners have done this have seen great results. As for me, I have used this system for the past 4-6 years, tweaking it as I go, with amazing results.

We are focusing here on ACHIEVING GOALS, not setting goals. For the purposes of this discussion, we will assume you have already set SMART Goals. By starting here, you give yourself the best possible advantage moving forward.

Not sure where to start setting SMART Goals? Let's get started, email me today!


Starting with my 3 Top Three Yearly Goals (focusing on too many will cause you to focus on none – so three is a manageable number), I create Monthly Goals, break those down into Weekly Goals. From here I begin every week with the same routine. I do this on Sundays – either in the morning with coffee or in the evening – what matters is that you give yourself about 30 minutes to concentrate. As you get more proficient at this, it gets quicker.

Here is how it looks ...

I write my Top Three Yearly Goals (TTYG) using what ever planner I am currently using. I then decide what for each goal do I need to accomplish this month, choosing 3 things for each goal per month. Keep in mind your calendar and what you already have planned. There is no sense in setting yourself up for failure here. This is the fine line between pushing yourself and over-scheduling. Learn to know the difference.

So, you see, once you have done this at the start of the month, you just write your TTYG and your 9 Monthly Goals throughout the month – already saving you time on your Sunday!

Here comes the exciting part – this is where you consistently see movement toward your goals! Review what you did last week. What did you accomplish? What were your wins? What could you have done more of? This REVIEW portion of your strategy is vital as it will alert you to shifts and areas that you need to refocus on. Have fun! This can be a real celebration!

Consider your monthly goals, where you are in reaching them – what do you need to accomplish this week? Write those down. These are your Weekly Goals. I am a believer in the theory "what gets scheduled, gets done", so I then ask – “What can I do in the next 24 hours to get me closer to this goal, maybe even complete it?” This goes on Monday To Do List.

I do this every day before my day starts (or the evening before if I’m really being focused). This way, every day, I’m getting one step closer to my goal.

There are many other factors that have led me to the place I am today – the place of achieving goals and not accepting anything less. But, this strategy is a great place to start. Try it – let me know what you think.

I cannot impress enough the power of persistence. ALL great achievers have a system of routines they follow consistently - you've read this before. When are you going to BELIEVE IT and DO IT? In year's past, I was using some of this, some of the time. SOMETIMES, I was successful. I am here to tell you, as someone you KNOW - I have followed this strategy, been persistent since 2014 without excuses. I am currently, yes - I mean RIGHT NOW - living the life I have always imagined!

Are you?

If you would like to know more about how I achieve more every day, including my TTYG, set up a Discovery Call and let’s get you on the Road to Success!

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