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October Newsletter

This is has been a very exciting month here at High Ground Coaching and Development! New adventures, new learnings, and new associations top the list of reasons to be grateful. As you read through todays news, think about what you are grateful for, what brings a smile to your face, a question to your mind?

I realized this month that there is no shortage of things to discover - even from familiar places. There is bounty in unexpected places and for that I am grateful.

Revisiting Familiar Places

This month my husband and I took a trip to the area where I grew up. I hadn't been there much since the mid-80's when I went west to college, as I was never really a city girl. But, regardless, off we go to Chicago and other parts of the mid-west to visit family. It was so interesting seeing the city from a new perspective.

There are so many benefits to travel. One of them in particular is seeing things from a new perspective. Whether it be people, places or activities, traveling opens your mind to ideas and thoughts that may be lost by shelter in place.

Something especially noticeable was that I never referred to Chicago as "home". Because I grew up there, it isn't my home. My home is where my husband and I are.

Are you planning a trip soon? Maybe over the holidays? If not, think about it. Even if it is just a drive up the road to a place you haven't been for awhile. You never know what adventure awaits!

Here are some intriguing articles to check out if you are considering traveling this fall (or anytime):

9 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling

Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Traveling Abroad

Never Stop Learning

This seems like a mantra that has been overused and under acted upon. This month I had the

privilege of talking with one of our Elected Officials in Washington D.C. If you are reading this and not from Wyoming, we are very blessed here that we have such amazing access to all our electeds and this is not necessarily uncommon.

He said something that struck me and will stay with me for a long time. He had just finished reading The Federalist Papers (Hamilton, Madison, Jay). He read one a day, considered the concepts within and then journaled about it. He did this until he had read each one - there are 85.

What a committment to learning! Needless to say, I now have a brand new copy of The Federalist Papers on my desk and am going to begin that same journey starting in November. For anyone wanting to do this with me, follow me on Facebook and we can do the journey together.

“There is divine beauty in learning…. To learn means to accept the postulate that life did not begin at my birth. Others have been here before me, and I walk in their footsteps.”

―Elie Wiesel

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

―John Wooden

High Ground Expansion!

Yes, this past month has been a time of wonderful opportunities for High Ground Coaching and Development. You have seen us offer personalized coaching, keynote addresses and workshops. We also serve as Executive Director for Connect 2 Women. I am so proud to announce two new roles that HGCD will fill:

Adjunct Instructor for Laramie County Community College

Planning Coordinator for Wyoming Women's Legislative Caucus

These are two more ways High Ground Coaching and Development will be fulfilling its mission to bring personal and professional development to more people in Wyoming.

Thank you to both of these fantastic organizations for trusting HGCD with your important missions.

Connect 2 Women Update

The first On the Road event was held at the Three Crowns Golf Club this past month and was a great success! We had a great turnout, engaging conversations, impactful learning and inspirational speakers.

"Usually at these events I'm on my phone the whole time, today I didn't even check it!"

- C2W On the Road Attendee

The Impact! Mentor Program is also up and running with a great group of women that are dedicating part of thier time every month to continue to learn and reach theri full potential. We are meeting in person three times this year, all part of a larger C2W event.

Save the Date! This year's two day Connect 2 Women Conference will by in Cheyenne, May 20/21st! Make sure you follow us on Facebook and subscribe to the website to be the first to know more!

Special Thanks!

High Ground Coaching and Development would like to thank all the organizations that invited us to present and facilitate with them this month!

SHRM Board of Directors

Wyoming Federation of Republican Women

Department of Family Services

What's Coming Up?

Want to catch up with HGCD? If you would like to set up a time to get together and discuss how we can work with you or your organization, let's get it scheduled! Calendars are filling up for the spring, so get your dates reserved early.

We will be in the following cities:

Worland - Oct. 30/31

Laramie - Nov. 5/6

Casper - Nov. 6/7

We can always set up a call otherwise, or if you are in the Fremont County vicinity, we are usually there when not on the road!

What do you need? Here is just a sample of workshops/presentations High Ground Coaching and Development can bring to your organization. Need something you don't see? Just call!

We love to hear your comments/feedback on content and services! Please email us at

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